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A revolutionary step in the fight against endometriosis : Butterfly Therapeutics is preparing the deployment of Endocare

The acquisition of Endocare in our product portfolio in 2023 marks a pivotal turning point in our commitment to transforming the management of endometriosis, a disease affecting 2.5 million women in France.

Continuity is at the heart of our strategy. We are determined to continue the development and commercialization of  Endocare, ensuring that patients benefit from this major advancement as quickly as possible. Our goal is to ensure that every woman affected by endometriosis has access to this effective treatment, thereby significantly reducing their painful episodes.

Our commitment to innovation and our willingness to collaborate enable us to pave the way for new therapeutic possibilities, changing the game for patients worldwide.

Stay tuned to follow our progress and key milestones in making this promising treatment available. Together, let’s advance women’s health.