We are redefining pain care modalities

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Today, considering the constraints of time and safety, healthcare providers’ options for pain management and treatment are largely chemical. However, their limitations are significant: addiction risks, contraindications, adverse effects, and operational constraints.

We are developing digital therapies based on clinically validated protocols. They are dedicated to pain care and complement traditional pharmacological care standards.


of the population experiences acute or chronic pain each year (1)


of patients with chronic pain have had dark thoughts due to intense pain (1)

workdays per year are impacted by pain in France (2)

(1) CSA Study for Sanofi. French People and Pain (Sept. 2014).
(2) G. Mick et al. Societal Impact of Pain in France: An Epidemiological Survey National Health and Well-being Survey among 15,000 adults (2013).

Our vision

We believe that pain management is an integral part of the healing process.

We are transforming the approach to pain treatment for and with patients and healthcare providers, beyond chemical solutions.

Our mission

To conceive, develop, and deliver a new generation of digital solutions and services – digital therapeutics.

Grounded in clinical evidence, these solutions leverage technology and the potential of neuropsychology. They are dedicated to enhancing pain management, tailored to the daily practice of healthcare providers, and beneficial for patients.

Our solutions

Butterfly Therapeutics offers digital therapies, protocolized solutions dedicated to pain management and treatment.

They aim to enhance the management of analgesics, anxiolytics, and anesthetics, optimizing their use. They can be used for sedation and pain relief during painful medical procedures and surgeries, as well as for the treatment of chronic pain, such as pain associated with endometriosis.

Bliss DTx

Our solution, a CE-marked Class I medical device, is a virtual reality software offering audio and visual experiences to reduce and treat pain and anxiety in patients before, during, and after painful medical procedures.


Endocare, a CE-marked medical device, is a virtual reality software that, through combinations of sound and visual frequencies, provides relief for chronic pelvic pain in patients suffering from endometriosis.

They trust us

“Bliss DTx has revolutionized pain management for our patients. It’s a solution used every day. It’s a system, a synergy that reduces pain and anxiety. The goal is a dual serenity for both the patient and the practitioner.”
Sylvie - Professor of Oral Surgery, Head of Department