Medical device for digital sedation, dedicated to pain reduction

Class 1 medical device
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Bliss DTx : analgesic digital therapy

Bliss DTx is a digital therapy used in cases of acute pain induced by medical care.

Bliss DTx is employed as a complement or alternative to traditional pharmacological products and medical gases.

The solution immerses patients in audio-visual worlds that engage their capacities and induce a state of altered consciousness, significantly reducing the perceived level of pain.

As a complementary care device to medications, Bliss DTx was designed as a universal solution accessible to all patients without intellectual, social, age, or language limitations, and tailored to various disabilities.

A solution tailored to healthcare practices, beneficial for patients.

Numerous advantages for patients and healthcare providers

For patients


Significant reduction in perceived pain ;


Used under medical supervision, without risk ;


Enhanced pain management for all and everywhere ;


Without chemicals, non-addictive, and without side effects ;


Reduced anxiety and improved comfort ;


Enhanced care experience and journey ;


Improved recovery and reduced consequences of chemical sedation use ;


Contribution to better healing.

For healthcare providers


Demonstrated safety and efficacy through clinical studies ;


Improved pain management ;


Additional non-pharmacological therapeutic option ;


Improved quality of medical procedures ;


Simple and quick to use ;


Universal, cost-effective, ethical, and non-invasive ;


Enhanced comfort for healthcare providers ;


Optimized patient support towards recovery.

The worlds

Bliss DTx is an immersive virtual reality solution based on sound and image, developed over 10 years of research.

 The Bliss DTx worlds are visual and auditory experiences developed in collaboration with doctors, nurses, neuropsychologists, researchers, and patients to best meet their expectations.

Our programs are designed to achieve the best clinical effect with the utmost comfort for the patient. Each animation, color, shape, sound, and rhythm has been thoughtfully developed and assembled in clinically validated unique combinations for their effectiveness in pain reduction.

The forest
The meadow

The seabed


Medical applications

Bliss DTx is a universal and user-friendly solution for healthcare providers.

It is adapted to each patient, regardless of language proficiency or intellectual capacity.

Used in addition to or as a substitute for standard treatments, the Bliss DTx solution requires only a few seconds to set up and access audio-visual worlds.

These worlds are designed to engage the patient’s capacities and achieve an altered state of consciousness significantly reducing the perceived level of pain.

Without chemicals and without side effects, Bliss DTx is suitable for a wide range of medical procedures. It adapts to various care positions (sitting, semi-sitting, lying, lateral decubitus) and durations, from a few minutes to over an hour.

Placement of PAC – Dr. PAILLOCHER – Clinique de l’Anjou

Invasive and painful examinations

  • Bone marrow biopsies ;
  • Biopsies of the musculoskeletal system ;
  • Endoscopy, lung biopsy, and puncture ;
  • Breast biopsy ;
  • Colonoscopy.

Ambulatory surgeries

  • Orthopedic surgeries ;
  • Urological surgeries ;
  • Oncological and hematological surgeries ;
  • Vascular surgeries ;
  • Oral surgeries.

Complex wounds and dressings

  • Radiotherapy wounds ;
  • Surgical wounds and postoperative care ;
  • Diabetic foot care ;
  • Care for the elderly.

Women's health

  • Preparation for childbirth ;
  • Trophoblast biopsy ;
  • Insertion and removal of intrauterine devices.

They trust us

88% of patients report an improvement in comfort of more than 30% with Bliss. I have no side effects, and I no longer need analgesic medications. For us, it’s much simpler to offer a painful treatment to those in pain that hurts less.”

Céline - Pain physician, unit manager